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How to Find a Scottsdale Painter

If you’re like a lot of homeowners you enjoy doing projects around the house but if your home is very large or higher than one story, painting can be a bit daunting especially where heights are involved. Finding a professional painter to handle the job might be the better and safer option when dealing with ladders and high places. If you hire a qualified Scottsdale painter you can be certain he’ll have all the proper equipment to complete the job quickly and safely.

The idea behind painting your home is to make it look better but if the work is shoddy or the paints and primers are of low quality, you won’t achieve the desired results. It’s easy for someone to say they’re a painter but it really requires some specific skills to do a good job so you’ll need to do a little homework before you hire just anyone for the job. Whether you’re looking for someone to paint a single room or the entire exterior of your home you want to make certain you’re hiring a qualified painter for the job.

Where to Look for Your Prospective Scottsdale Painter

If you decide to have a professional Scottsdale painter do the job there are several places you can start your search. Your local paint store or home improvement center is always a good place to check. Many contractors, including painters will use the bulletin board to post their information. Use the computer to do a search online for a database of local qualified Scottsdale painters. The certification process that is sometime involved can be take time and money and usually only professionals will make the effort.

Ask friends, family and co-workers if they’ve ever hired a painter. Possibly they can show you the work that was done and let you know if they were pleased with the job or if they have any complaints. If you feel the Scottsdale painter provided professional work, you can ask for his contact information.

Interviewing a Scottsdale Painter

It’s not usually a good idea to hire a Scottsdale painter simply because he offers you a low estimate. Spend some time talking about your project with each painter you consider hiring before you ask for an estimate. Ask a few painters to visit your home and do an onsite walk through with you. Talk with each one about their knowledge and years of experience as a painter. Find out if they have subcontracted with any homebuilders or other local contractors or companies. Being hired by other contractors is often a good sign that their work is up to standard.

Request proof of current state license and insurance policies from each Scottsdale painter. Every Scottsdale painter should have liability insurance to protect you in case of damage. You’ll also need to check that they carry workers compensation if they have any employees. If someone gets hurt while on the job, you don’t want to be held responsible for some hefty medical bills. Be sure any painter you want to hire is bonded. If he fails to fulfill the terms of the contract the bond will provide protection in helping you get your project completed.

Obviously you should ask the Scottsdale painter for references and check them out but don’t just depend on references to help you make your final decision. References can certainly be helpful but keep in mind that if there are any unhappy customers, you’re not going to get their contact information. Call your local Better Business Bureau to check for any past complaints. If you do find any you need to know what they are and if they were ever taken care of. An occasional complaint isn’t uncommon but how the painter takes care of it says a lot about his business practices.

It’s time to get some estimates once you have a few painters in mind. Since every Scottsdale painter handles a job differently, from the brands of paint he prefers to the methods of cleanup he uses bids can get confusing. There might also be different methods used in preparation work. One painter may only use a pressure washer for exterior preparation while another might painstakingly scrape and sand the entire surface. The varying amounts of work can make a big difference in the numbers you see on your bids. You need to give each Scottsdale painter a list of everything you would like to see in their bid. This way when you look at the bids they should all be uniform in the scope and details of the project which will make them much easier to compare.

Getting a Contract from a Scottsdale Painter

After you’ve located the Scottsdale painter that you believe is the one you want for your project it’s time to talk about a contract. There are a number of things that should be included in a contract, including a summery of the job and how it will be accomplished. It’s also important to include the type of paint and the exact cost for materials and labor. It should also include all the painter’s contact information as well as his contractor’s license number. He should also attach copies of any necessary insurance policies. You’ll also want a date for completion of the job.

Find out if the painter includes a guarantee for his work if there is a problem with fading, chipping or peeling within a specific amount of time. If there is one make sure it’s also in writing that the painter will fix the problem at little or no cost to you. While the paint itself may come with an extensive warranty, it will not include the labor cost of having the job redone.

Remember that you want to hire a painter you can trust. A lot of the work will probably be done when you aren’t around so it’s difficult to know exactly what’s being done. And once the job is done you really have no way of knowing if the surface was actually primed or how many coats of paint were used. Your choice of a qualified Scottsdale painter is just as essential as choosing any contractor to work on your home and you should take the time to hire the best.

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